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Oh god! I need a place to live

Posted by bostonroommatemixers on August 8, 2009 at 3:14 PM Comments comments (1)

Is this you?


We've all been there, apartment hunting in Boston can be a ridiculous undertaking. Between dumpy apartments, shady people & keeping your friends/roommates happy, its hard to do anything else. Let alone feel good about the process.


This late in the year its especially tough, as alot of us have run out of friends to live with and the good apartments are getting gobbled faster than you can see em. If your in need we're here to help...


Share you horror storries here and come on out to meet with us, everyweek we're throwing mixers to get the job done, in a fun and personal way, not meeting some creep off craigslist in

a roach infested apartment... just bars, booze, honest realtors (no, really!!), and cheap apartments with no fees.